Shelter in Place (SAFE Campus)

The Shelter in Place strategy will be implemented in the case of an external environmental threat in the vicinity of the college.


  • chemical spill or gas leak in neighbourhood
  • presence of smoke or fire in vicinity
  • extreme weather conditions

NOTE: If the environmental threat, such as gas vapours from an external gas leak, is already present in a building, you may be directed to evacuate, rather than to initiate a a Shelter in Place.

If Shelter in Place becomes necessary:

  • return indoors / don’t go outdoors
  • remain inside while the Shelter in Place is in effect
  • close exterior doors, including overhead doors
  • shut down processes that require ventilation (e.g. fume hoods, paint booths, grills, etc..)
  • close windows and window coverings
  • turn off cell phones and electronic devices
  • do not call the Switchboard (The Hub), Security, or other College departments or schools for information
  • continue regular indoor routines; keep learners in class until the Shelter in Place has been lifted
  • remain in place until advised by public announcement that the Shelter in Place has been lifted