Evacuation Planning (SAFE Campus)

Emergency situations, such as those involving fire, smoke or in some cases of bomb threat, may make evacuation of your building necessary. You may be advised to evacuate by a Security Guard, a Fire Warden, emergency personnel, or by public announcement. Most commonly, you will become aware that evacuation is required when a fire alarm sounds.

How should you plan for an evacuation?

Be familiar with the building (or buildings) in which you work or study:

  • Review the floor plans posted on each floor.
  • Check the “We Share the Space” posters in your classroom.
  • Know the location of the two exits nearest you.
  • Know your primary evacuation route and the alternate route.

Special Assistance?

Some individuals, such as those with mobility, hearing or vision impairments, may require assistance during an evacuation.

If you will require assistance, a personal safety plan can be developed to meet your needs:

  • Students should visit Student Accessiblity Services (SAS) at the Student Success Centre, Shuniah Building, Room 153.
  • Employees should visit the Employee Health & Wellness Consultant in Human Resources & Organizational Development, Shuniah Building, Room A211.