Service Disruptions (Electrical, Water, Elevator)

 Electrical Service Disruption.

When electrical service to a College facility is disrupted:

  • Remain calm. There may be a slight delay before emergency lighting comes on.
  • If emergency lighting does not come on in your immediate area, wait a few minutes: power interruptions are frequently of short duration. When the power returns, contact Facilities Services to report the emergency lighting problem. 
  • Do not move around in the dark. Do not use candles, matches, lighters or other open flames as light.
  • If you work in areas with hazardous chemicals or equipment, keep a flashlight available to allow you to safely shut down operations.
  • If lighting is interrupted for more than 10 minutes, call 922 for assistance in evacuating your area. If the service disruption will be of an extended duration, a public announcement, with instructions, will be broadcast..

Water Service Disruption.

On notification that water service is unavailable:

  • Immediately shut down all equipment (such as grinders) and stop all work processes (such as chemical handling) that require water for normal operations, for hand-washing, for hygiene, or for emergency equipment (i.e. eyewash stations and emergency showers).
  • If the service disruption will be of an extended duration, an announcement, with instructions, will be broadcast over the Emergency Communications System.

Elevator Service Disruption.

If you are trapped in an elevator:

  • Do not try to pry or push doors open; do not kick the doors, or jump up and down.
  • In elevators with emergency phones, pick-up the emergency phone in the elevator and advise Security of your location. A Security Guard and elevator service staff will be dispatched to help.
  • In elevators without emergency phones (ie. freight elevator, Library elevator) call-out or shout to attract the attention of people in the area, who can contact Security at 922.