Student Jobs On Campus

VERY IMPORTANT - Only apply ONE TIME PER SEMESTER unless you are given permission by staff to amend an application. If you submit more than one application your application for employment will be delayed and subsequent applications deleted. 



  • ​Must be a full-time post-secondary student currently enrolled/attending classes. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE ON BREAK/IN-BETWEEN SEMESTERS - you do not qualify.

  • Must show demonstrated financial need on the budget portion of the application by having a deficit of $3,000 for the year - make sure you include ALL estimated expenses for the year (i.e.- transportation, living expenses, hairdressers, clothing, eating out, gifts, recreational activity). 

  • Please follow the application instructions carefully and submit all application attachments in PDF format or your application may not be reviewed.

We only review applications for currently advertised positions. There are a limited number of positions on campus and some positions can only be filled with a domestic applicant or international applicant due to funding sources. Application approval does NOT mean you are guaranteed a position, it means your application will be now forwarded to the departments that you applied to and they begin the selection process. The process can take anywhere from 1 - 3 weeks.



  • Review the Job Postings and apply only for those positions you qualify for (applications without qualified applicants will NOT be processed). For example, if you Program Related says Nursing Program to apply for Nursing Lab Assistant - do not apply if you are in the Business Program. Only apply to what is advertised. Applying to "any job" or jobs not listed on website will be discarded.
  • Complete all information on the application form, incomplete applications will NOT be processed. Budget expenses are to be completed for the year, not month. If you receive OSAP ensure the amount claimed for Resources is accurate.
  • Include your resume, and current class schedule in PDF format when submitting your application. If you do not do so your application may be discarded.
  • All correspondence will be through your Confederation College email address or you may not receive notification of approval or interview.
  • International Students needing more information about work permits and working on campus please visit or contact the International Education Centre by phone or email.


All applications are completed online. Positions start anytime after the first week of each semester (September, January & May).



Cari Kruzel, Administrator Campus Employment
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 807.475.6434  Fax: 807.473.5160
Office Hours: (M-F) 8:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.