Academic Policies for Distance Education

Section 5-1 Promotion and Withdrawal

1)     Grades

2)     Academic Dispute Resolution

a)   Academic Dispute Resolution Agreement Form (Informal)

b)   Academic Dispute Resolution - Process Flow Chart

3)    Transfer Credits

a)  Transfer Credit Approval Form

4)    Withdrawal from the College

a)   Program Withdrawal Form

5)    Withdrawal from a Course

  a)  Course Drop Form

6)    Program Overload Fees

7)    Prior Learning Assessment (PLAR)

a)  Prior Learning Assessment Review Application Form

8)    Program Re-admission

9)    Placement Interruption/Continuation

10)  Military Leave for Student Reservists

11)  Personal Support Worker into Practical Nursing Program Seat Reservation

12)  Recognition of Prior Postsecondary Credits - Admissions


Section 5-2 Records

1)     Student Record 


Section 5-3 Awards

1)     First Class Standing 

2)     Awards Definition & Selection Process

3)     Acquisition of a Second Diploma/Certificate

4)     Academic Honour Roll

5)     Honourary Credential 


Section 5-4 Services

1)     Counselling Confidentiality

2)     Practices and Procedures Related to Writing Tests At Alternate Time In The Testing Centre

3)     Peer/Student Tutorials - Academic Support Centre

4)     Student Accommodation Practices

5)     Timetabling Practices 


Section 5-5 Conduct and Discipline

1)     Academic Integrity

2)     Student Code of Conduct

3)     Charter of Students' Rights and Responsibilities

4)     Complaints Process (Non-Academic) 


Section 5-6 Program Development, Review, and Renewal  

1)    Post Secondary Program Development Review and Renewal Practice

2)    Program Suspension/Cancellation

3)    Policy Renewal

a)     Policy Review Timeline

4)     Annual Program Review