Academic Policies of Confederation College

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Academic Policies List

Section 5–1 Promotion and Withdrawal

  1. Course Evaluation and Grading Policy
    1. Course Evaluation and Grading Procedure
      1. Grade Change Form (Registration Services)
  2. Academic Appeal Policy
    1. Academic Appeal Procedure
  3. Transfer Credit Policy
    1. Transfer Credit Procedure
      1. Transfer Credit Form
  4. Withdrawal from the College Policy
    1. Withdrawal from the College Procedure
      1. Withdrawal Form (Registration Services)
      2. Request for Exceptional Withdrawal
  5. Withdrawal from a Course Policy
    1. Withdrawal from a Course Procedure
      1. Modified Registration Form (Registration Services)
  6. Program Overload Fees
  7. Prior Learning Assessment (PLAR)
    1. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Form
    2. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Procedure
  8. Program Re-admission
  9. Admissions Policy
  10. Student Members of Canada's Reserve Force
  11. Personal Support Worker into Practical Nursing Program Seat Reservation
  12. Admissions – Bonus Points for Prior Postsecondary Education
  13. Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance Applicants to Aviation Flight Management Program Seat Reservation
  14. Progression and Graduation Requirements Policy
  15. Credentials Policy
    1. Credentials Procedure

Section 5–2 Records

  1. Student Record Policy
    1. Student Record Procedure

Section 5–3 Awards

  1. First Class Standing
  2. Awards Definitions & Selection Process
  3. Acquisition of a Second Diploma/Certificate
  4. Academic Honour Roll
  5. Honourary Credential
  6. Graduate Awards Policy
    1. Graduate Awards Procedure

Section 5–4 Services

  1. Information and Privacy - Counselling, Health and Acad Records
  2. Writing Tests at Alternate Time
  3. Tutoring – Academic Success Centre
  4. Student Accessibility Policy
    1. Student Accessibility Procedure
  5. Scheduling Policy
    1. Scheduling Procedure

Section 5–5 Conduct and Discipline

  1. Academic Integrity Policy
    1. Academic Integrity Procedure
  2. Student Code of Conduct
  3. Charter of Students’ Rights and Responsibilities
  4. Student Complaint Resolution Process
    1. Student Complaint Resolution Procedure
  5. Academic Freedom Policy
    1. Academic Freedom Procedure
  6. Use of Electronic Devices in Class

Section 5–6 Program Development, Review, and Renewal

  1. Program Review Policy
  2. Program Prioritization, Revitalization, and Rationalization Policy
  3. Academic Policy Renewal Practice
    1. Academic Policies and College Practices Review Timeline
  4. Annual Program Review Procedure – *see 5-6-02, Appendix 2: Annual Cycle
  5. Annual Curriculum Review Procedure
  6. Course Outline Development Policy
    1. Course Outline Development Procedure
  7. New Program Development Policy