School College Work Initiative (SCWI)

What is it?

The School/College/Work Initiative is a cooperative effort of the Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE) and the Committee of College Presidents (COP) and is jointly funded by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. SCWI provides opportunities for district school boards and colleges to bring together faculty, teachers and administrators to work collaboratively to increase opportunities for student success.

A Co-Management Team consisting of college presidents, school board directors, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities personnel manages SCWI and will be working with all district school boards and all colleges through 16 Regional Planning Teams, across the province.

Program History

Since 1997, the School College Work Initiative has continued to bring college and school board staff together to develop forums, activities and dual credit programs that facilitate the transition to postsecondary learning for thousands of Ontario high school students.

There has been steady growth in dual credit programs since 2006-07 when dual credit programs involving 65 boards and 24 colleges provided expanded learning opportunities for 2,500 students.

SCWI initiatives continue to ensure that students who are facing challenges in graduating will have greater access to more choice, with flexible options for customizing their learning to their individual interests, strengths and needs. It is anticipated that students will continue to engage and re-engage in learning and achieve their secondary school diploma as a result of such opportunities.  

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