Part-Time Programs and Certificates

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View the getting started guide below for more information, including how to register for courses, textbook ordering etc…

View tuition for each course by program below. Tuition may adjust yearly and does not include textbook costs. 

Textbooks are required for most courses within part-time programs please visit the Textbook/Materials — Online Learning page for more information and to access the booklist.


Getting Started

The steps below will be helpful in the selection, application and registration process.

  1. Step One – Choose your program.
  2. Step Two – Apply to the program. You will receive an email confirming acceptance from the admissions department. You can start registering for courses directly after applying.
  3. Step Three – Register for the program courses via our online course catalogue. Two welcome emails will be sent that contain important course information and login credentials. Welcome emails are sent a month prior to the course starting every weekday around noon.
  4. Step Four – Search for any required textbooks for the course(s) you registered in.
  5. Step Five – Upon successful completion of the required courses complete and submit the request to graduate form.



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Resources for Part-Time Students

This one-stop centre is your off-campus link to Confederation College student information and available services.