Convocation Dates 2024

Friday, June 7, 2024Thunder Bay Campus
Monday, June 10, 2024Rainy River (Fort Frances) Campus
Tuesday, June 11, 2024Lake of the Woods (Kenora) Campus
Wednesday, June 12, 2024Dryden Campus (including Sioux Lookout and Red Lake)

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Frequently Asked Questions About Convocation

Please check the Dates & Locations web page.


Thunder Bay graduates — Arrive 1 ½ hours before the ceremony and go directly to the tent to pick up your gown and hood. You will then proceed into the auditorium and your program will be posted at the bottom of each set of stairs to tell you which floor you need to be on. 


Thunder Bay Ceremony Guests will be able to enter the auditorium one hour before the ceremony. Graduates will be able to request their desired number of tickets during the graduation gown ordering process. Seating is first come, first served.

Yes. We will assume you are attending the campus you are currently enrolled at however, if you would like to attend an alternate campus ceremony, please email registration services at [email protected] to advise which campus ceremony you wish to attend.

Thunder Bay Ceremony Only

You will rent your gown and associate hood through a third party vendor. You will be sent an email when the website is open to take orders (early April). You must order your gown to confirm your attendance.

Regional Campus Ceremonies

You will be contacted by the Regional Campus regarding your ceremony. For our regional ceremonies, you will generally be given your gown the day of the ceremony.

Something comfortable and cool as it can get quite warm wearing your convocation gown. Suit jackets can be worn but it is not recommended.

Please note: Your lower legs and footwear will be visible.
Please do not wear hats or baseball caps during the ceremony

Associate Hoods indicate your program credential.

  • One Year Ontario College Certificate — 1 thin blue ribbon/stripe,
  • Two Year Ontario College Diploma — 2 thin blue ribbon/stripes,
  • Three Year Ontario College Advanced Diploma — 3 thin blue ribbon/stripes,
  • One Year Ontario College Graduate Certificate — 1 thick blue cord.

Associate Hoods rest on your shoulders with the coloured stripes or cord facing the front.

The ceremony is approximately 2 to 2.5 hours in length.

Please provide this information during your gown rental request.  We will work with you directly on any assistance you may need.

No. You need to make arrangements to have someone in the audience hold your belongings. There is no coat check available.
When you are seated on stage you will not necessarily return to the same seat after you cross the stage.


  • on your stage chair


  • handed out when entering the auditorium

Prior to your ceremony you will check in at the large tent outside to get your gown, hood, and name card.

Graduates will be organized by school and program. You will be issued a name card that includes your name, program, and relevant information regarding your graduation. Please ensure that you do not misplace this card. It is important and used during your procession and stage crossing.

You will be led into the Auditorium and marshalled into your seat. Follow the graduate in front of you and follow the guidance of the marshal. Stay standing until the conclusion of O’ Canada.

When it is your turn to cross the stage, you will be instructed to walk up to the orator, at which time you will hand them with your name card. You can use this opportunity to whisper the pronunciation of your name. Once you hand them your name card, you will cross the stage. You will first shake hands with the President, then a Board of Governor member, the Dean of your school and lastly your program Coordinator. You will then be marshalled off stage and led back to your seat.

Do not leave anything behind. You may not be returned to your original seat.

You will need to decide what program you wish to sit with as you will only be crossing the stage once.

Both diplomas will be given to you after the ceremony when you go to collect your diplomas from the designated location.

Depending on the award you may receive it on stage or as part of your credential package. Some awards may be mailed at a later date if award assessments cannot be completed in time for the ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony you will be marshalled out of the auditorium with your fellow graduates.  You will then be able to pick up your diploma or certificate from the designated pick up location in the large tent outside.

Thunder Bay — If you are not attending convocation your diploma/certificate will be available to pick up at The Information Hub the Monday afternoon following the Convocation ceremony.

You can request this through the third party vendor providing the gowns and hoods. 

We try our best to include all graduates in the Convocation book. We apologize if we missed your name.

If you are not attending convocation your diploma/certificate will be available to pick up at The Information Hub or your regional campus the next business day following Convocation.
If you have other questions or concern do not hesitate to contact the Registrar’s office
[email protected] or your Regional Campus.

All graduates since Convocation 2023 (June 2023) are invited to attend the June 2024 Convocation ceremonies.  This would include graduates from Summer 2023, Winter 2024 and Spring 2024.