International Payments via Flywire

Flywire is a secure method of payment that allows students to track their payment from start to finish. Through this service you can pay your tuition and fees from any country and any bank–often in your home country currency, which allows you to save on bank fees. To use this service, you will be asked to create an account on the Flywire website with your basic personal information.

How to make a payment via Flywire:

  1. Go to Confederation College’s payment portal ( to enter the amount you owe and the country you will be paying from.
  2. Select your payment option.
  3. Create a Flywire account or log in to your existing account. Enter basic information to initiate your payment booking.
  4. Review and confirm your payment.
  5. Follow your payment instructions to send funds to Flywire.
    Note: Payment instructions are only valid for one payment. If you wish to make another payment to Confederation, please initiate a new booking.
  6. Track your payment by logging into your Flywire account at any time. Receive text and email status updated each step of the way, including a confirmation when your payment has been delivered to Confederation College.

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Need help? Contact Flywire’s multilingual customer support:

Toll-Free: 1-800-346-9252 | Email: [email protected]