2SLGBTQIA+ Resources

We offer a simple message to everyone who identifies as 2SLGBTQIA+: we see you, we support you, and you belong at our college and in our community. We are a rich and vibrant community because of our sexual gender diversity and other diversities seen and unseen.  At Confederation College everyone has a responsibility to create a respectful community that celebrates our unique contributions.  Please find below a list of services, supports and opportunities for members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and their allies.

Public Safety

At Confederation College, we are committed to  creating a safe learning and working environment for everyone. It is the policy of Confederation College that all members of the College community have a right to an environment that is free of campus violence, this includes homophobic, bi-phobic or transphobic behaviour.  All persons reporting these behaviours to the Public Safety department at Confederation College will be treated respectfully and the incidents will be investigated thoroughly.  We want all members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community to feel safe, and supported and all members of the Public Safety department are allies in their success at Confederation College.

Gender Inclusive Facilities

These washrooms and change rooms are safe spaces where anyone, regardless of gender identity or presentation, can use the toilet, wash their hands, change, and check the mirror. Washrooms and change rooms on each campus include signage, indicating the space is inclusive and that Confederation College respects everyone’s right to choose the washroom that is appropriate for them.

For more information, please visit our Gender Inclusive Facilities page.

Inclusive Health Services

Medical and health services staff are knowledgeable about and sensitive to 2SLGBTQIA+ health concerns and gender affirming care. Referrals to Norwest Health Centre can be provided for those needing gender affirming care.

SUCCI Wellness Centre Minowaadiiziwin

As well as inclusive washrooms and changerooms the SUCCI Wellness Centre features a newly created workout inclusive space for those wishing to use it.

Pride at Confederation College

Pride at Confederation College hosts 2SLGBTQIA+ events where students are able to make connections, have fun, and build community on campus. We aim to provide a safer space that is celebratory and supportive for people of all genders and sexual orientations. Learn more about this space and these events as the school year progresses.

Indigenous Supports

Visits with Two-Spirit Elders can be arranged through Apiwin or Counselling for students who wish to connect.

Preferred Name Change Form

For those needing to, your name can be updated so your preferred name displays in areas such as class lists for faculty, blackboard, student ID and more. This is not a legal name change. To do a legal name change email [email protected]. You will be required to provide a legal document to update your legal name. 

Find this form here.


Through Student Success, you can access Mental Health support from staff & Counselors trained specifically in 2SLGBTQIA+ gender affirming care and therapy.


The Library is home to an ever growing “Pride” collection of books, periodicals and resources both fiction and non-fiction on a wide variety of fun and informative S2SLGBTQIA+ topics for students to check out and enjoy.

Events & Activities

SUCCI and Confederation College host a variety of 2SLGBTQIA+ events that are affirming, celebratory and educational all year long. 

Watch the SUCCI Event calendar for events each month.

Residence Life

The residence community is a place where human rights are respected and where 2SLGBTQIA+ students and their friends and allies, are welcomed and supported. With 24/7 on-call support as well as in partnership with KEEPMESAFE all residents have access to resources who are able to provide holistic support to students.