Request for a Preferred Name Change

This form is for students looking to have their name updated to their preferred name. A preferred (or chosen) name is a given name that someone commonly uses that is different from their legal given name. This form will help us update your name so your preferred name displays in areas such as class lists for faculty, blackboard, student ID card and more.

This is not a form for legal name changes. To do a legal name change email: [email protected]. You will be required to provide a legal document to update your legal name.

Preferred Name Changes
College E-mail Account
Would you like a new college email account issued?
Computer Services Help Desk will contact you by phone to update the username for your email account.
College Student ID Card
Would you like a new college photo taken for your student card?
Would you like a new student ID with your preferred name to be issued?

Please wait for confirmation that your preferred name is updated before requesting a new student card.