DegreeWorks Advisor Information

DegreeWorks is a graduation tracking tool to help advisors track a students progress in their program.

For general instructions on how to use/where to access DegreeWorks, please click the PDF document below.


What is DegreeWorks?

New to Confederation College, DegreeWorks is a web-based assessment tool to assist you in tracking student progress throughout their program.

With DegreeWorks you can see:

  • Courses completed
  • Courses in progress 
  • Courses still required
  • Grades for each course 
  • Pre-requisites for future classes
  • Additional classes taken outside of the program 
  • Overall and Program GPA

Where can I access DegreeWorks?

The link to access DegreeWorks is available in your MyCampus portal under the “LaunchPad” section. This is open to staff with advisor access. 


DegreeWorks “What If” Feature

The “What If” assessment allows you to select a different program so you can see what course work is required for that program. It will display the courses the student has already taken that satisfy course requirements for the new program selected, as well as what courses they still need to take. (As an example, ‘What if’ I want to take Practical Nursing after taking Pre-Health? This feature will show you what courses the students already have within the program they plan to take)

Please note that this new tool should not be used for students where they started a program prior to 2018.

Should you have any concerns regarding the assessments please contact:
[email protected]