General information

Some of our programs include work experience as part of the curriculum. You will need a co-op work permit, if this is a requirement to graduate. You can apply for a co-op or intern work permit if:

  • you have a valid study permit
  • work experience is required to complete your program

The acceptance letter provided by Confederation College generally reconfirms this requirement

Guide to applying for your Co-op Work Permit 

Refer to the guides below to complete your Co-op Work Permit application. 

Please note: These are not legal documents. For legal information, refer to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations where applicable. You can also refer to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website for updated information at

For more details about Co-op Work Permit and what it means, please read the below text carefully. For any other queries, email [email protected]

Important Regulations

A co-op work permit is a mandatory document for international students during their co-op/internship/placement period. It allows international students to work full-time during regular academic terms.

You MUST have your co-op work permit prior to starting your co-op or placement work term.

Co-op work permits are not transferable to another DLI (Designated Learning Institute). They are only valid when your current DLI is indicated as the employer. 

Co-op Work Permit Application Process

If a co-op work permit was not included with your study permit, you will have to apply for one. The IEC regularly offers workshops to students that explain the application process, and answer your questions. Please check the IEC Blackboard announcements to find out the dates and times, and to register for a workshop.

The documents you need to apply are:

There are no application fees for a co-op work permit.

The information provided may change without notice. Please refer to the IRCC Website for the latest updates. Students are responsible for following IRCC rules and regulations.