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Discover the wealth of opportunities at your fingertips with Confederation College's Articulation Agreements. Whether you're looking to advance your education within Confederation College or seeking pathways to further your studies and career beyond, our agreements are designed to pave the way for your success. Explore both incoming ("In") and outgoing ("Out") pathways that cater to a diverse range of academic and professional aspirations.

What Are Articulation Agreements?

Articulation agreements are formal partnerships that facilitate credit transfer and ensure seamless transitions between educational institutions. These agreements empower you to build upon your existing education, whether you're transferring credits to Confederation College or leveraging your Confederation College credits to pursue further studies elsewhere.

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For a comprehensive list of all Ontario transfer opportunities, including those offered by Confederation College, visit This resource provides detailed information on collaborative programs, articulation agreements, and credit transfer processes between Ontario universities and colleges.

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Pathways "In": Coming to Confederation College

Discover pathways that bring students into Confederation College from other post-secondary institutions, high schools, and universities. These agreements are designed for:

  • University Graduates: Utilize your degree to gain practical skills and advanced standing in diploma and certificate programs.
  • High School Students: Transition smoothly into college programs with recognized credits.
  • Other Post-Secondary Institutions: Transfer your credits to Confederation College to continue your education in our supportive and dynamic environment.

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Pathways “Out”: From Confederation College to the World

Explore your opportunities to transfer Confederation College credits to other institutions across Canada and Australia, furthering your education and opening doors to new career possibilities. Our pathways out include agreements with:

  • Colleges and Universities in Canada: Take the next step in your academic journey with ease.
  • International Institutions: Broaden your horizons by studying abroad in Australia and beyond.

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Have questions? Our FAQ section addresses common inquiries about the credit transfer process, application requirements, and more, offering clarity and support as you plan your pathway.

Articulation agreements and pathways are formal arrangements that allow students to transfer credits between Confederation College and other post-secondary institutions, both within Canada and internationally. These agreements are designed to facilitate a seamless transition for students looking to further their education by either entering Confederation College with credits from another institution ("Pathways In") or using their Confederation College credits to pursue further studies elsewhere ("Pathways Out").

You can find detailed information about the articulation agreements relevant to your program on the Confederation College Articulation Agreements and Pathways webpage. This includes both "Pathways In" for students transferring to Confederation College and "Pathways Out" for those moving on to other institutions.

Any student looking to maximize their education and career options can benefit. This includes high school graduates considering Confederation College, current Confederation College students planning their next steps, and individuals with previous post-secondary education looking to transfer to Confederation College.

To transfer credits, students should first consult the specific articulation agreement for their program, available on the Confederation College website. Then, contact the admissions or registrar's office at Confederation College to initiate the credit transfer process, which typically involves submitting an application along with your official transcripts and, in some cases, course outlines.

Fees for credit assessment and transfer may vary depending on the nature of the transfer and the institutions involved. It's best to contact the registrar's office at Confederation College for detailed information on any fees that may apply to your situation.

While articulation agreements specify the criteria for credit transfer and may outline conditions for eligibility, admission to any specific program is subject to availability and competitive selection processes. Meeting the requirements of an articulation agreement enhances your eligibility but does not guarantee admission.

Engage with the academic advisors or the registrar's office at Confederation College early in the process to ensure your credits are recognized. They can provide guidance on the documentation needed and the steps to take for a smooth credit transfer.

If there are any concerns or issues with your credit transfer, the first step is to reach out to the academic advisor or registrar's office at Confederation College. They are equipped to help resolve any discrepancies and guide you through any necessary appeals process.

For detailed advice and information, you can contact the respective department or faculty office at Confederation College. Contact details for specific programs and departments are available on the Confederation College website under the Articulation Agreements and Pathways section.