Joint Admission Agreement with Lakehead University

Confederation College and Lakehead University are proud to offer a joint admission agreement for more than 30 distinct programs. This agreement enables students to transfer seamlessly from their college diploma program at Confederation College to an undergraduate degree program at Lakehead University.  

In the first two years of study, students will attend Confederation College and receive hands-on learning skills within their diploma program. Upon completion, they will continue their studies at the university level, gaining theoretical knowledge. The combination of the two learning styles sets students up for career success. 

With more than 30 approved programs, this agreement allows students to avoid additional application fees, reducing financial barriers and making higher education more accessible. To be eligible for this program, students must maintain a 70% average throughout their diploma program.  

Upon successful completion of their diploma program at Confederation College, students can apply directly to Lakehead University by clicking HERE. This facilitates a smooth transition to university studies and allows students to complete their degrees in a reduced time frame.

Programs Eligible for Joint Admission with Lakehead University:

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