Transfer Credits

Applying for Transfer Credits

Transfer credits are awarded on a course-by-course basis to students applying to or enrolled in Confederation College programs who have earned academic credits outside of Confederation College.

Credit is only granted for courses taken at other institutions with a grade of 60% (“C”) or higher, however some programs require a minimum grade of 70% ("B") or higher (BScN).


Requests for transfer credits should be submitted at least 4 months in advance of web registration to allow time for assessment. Fall term requests should be initiated before April 15th and Winter term requests should be initiated before November 15th. Requests received later than April 15th and November 15th will be subject to available resources. Students who are currently enrolled in a course who wish to apply for a transfer credit must do so prior to the semester deadline date for course withdrawals (see Academic Dates Calendar for specific date).


Automatic Exemptions for 1 General Elective and CS050 English is granted to applicants that have a previous post-secondary degree/diploma provided they submit documented proof to the Admissions Office ([email protected]).  These credits will automatically be attached to your academic history and do not require an application for Transfer Credit.  Automatic exemptions are not included in your GPA.


International Transcripts will NOT be accepted when applying for transfer credits.  International transcripts must be assessed through, or through our International Department ([email protected]) prior to submitting transfer credit applications.  All applications without assessments will be denied without refund.


Exemptions for courses completed in high school for an articulated Confederation College program are processed at no charge. Secondary school Guidance Offices will have information on these formal agreements.

This process is not intended to be used for internal (Confederation College) course equivalencies. For information on this, please speak with your Program Coordinator or contact the Admissions department at [email protected] or (807) 475-6213.


Transfer Credit Process