Children and Family Centre

The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board

The Children and Family Centre provides day care services to the community and is equipped to also serve as a real-life learning and study facility for our Early Childhood Education students.


The Children and Family Centre serves as a collaborative model for students, educators, and the broader community in promoting multiple ways in learning how to live well in the world.

Children and Family Centre


  • To provide educational experiences for the preparation of early childhood students while working alongside early childhood team members in their work with children and their families.

  • To provide an innovative environment for continuous learning that contributes and generates a deeper understanding about children and childhood through the engagement of inquiry-based, play based, and responsive care practices.

Children and Family Centre


  • Building relationships and connections through thinking and working in collaboration with others

  • Using inquiry that fosters curiosity, wonder, and innovation

  • Creating a space for individual expression of ideas, feelings, and interpretations about the world in a variety of ways

  • Committing to active reflection and transformation of education and care practices

  • Fostering the development of self, health, and well-being


Programs Offered:

  • Preschool 2.5–4 years of age
  • School Age 4–12 years of age
  • EarlyON

For more information please visit: The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board


Contact Us

College Campus
McIntyre Building
(807) 475-6407
(807) 473-0847 — fax

Monday to Friday,
7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Anna Morrone
(807) 475-6557
[email protected]

Cheryl Adams 
Senior Early Childhood Educator
(807) 475-6132
[email protected]