Health Insurance for International Students

Health Insurance for International Students

The International Education Centre coordinates enrollment of health care coverage for international students, and this cost is included in their tuition payment. 

The International Education Centre coordinates enrollment of health care coverage for international students, and this cost is included in their tuition payment. Coverage for registered students begins when they arrive in Canada but no sooner than September 1 for fall intake, January 1 for winter intake, and May 1 for summer intake students. Students will receive their policy information to their Confederation College email account after the withdrawal date and should review their policy details carefully.

The student plan: ‘Explore Canada’ covers basic and emergency health care. PLEASE NOTE: Pre-existing conditions are not covered, and students need to plan in advance for these expenses.

Visit our Study Insured web page for detailed information on coverage and submitting a claim. The student team is also  available to answer questions,  at or toll-free at 1-855-649-4182.

Watch this recorded Zoom session to learn more on health care in Canada for international students, presented by a recent international student and campus nurse.

Does the policy cover testing to rule out COVID-19?

There is no coverage for testing unless you are presenting symptoms, you have traveled recently from one of the affected areas or have been in direct contact with someone that has been diagnosed. 

Basic points to help students inform students about their coverage:

  • Much like any other illness, unforeseen emergency expenses related to COVID-19 would be covered by StudyInsured plans (provided that the infection occurs in Canada  ( after the effective policy date).

  • StudyInsured plans do not have an exclusion related to pandemics. 

  • Any pre-existing medical condition, including COVID-19 illness, will not be covered if it has not been stable for the required amount of time before the effective policy date.

  • Expenses incurred in an insured person’s home country are not covered, unless they are traveling on a school trip. Further expenses incurred in Canada related to an illness that originated in the home country would also be excluded.

Please note:

  • Family members are not covered under the student health plan.  Students with families may purchase additional health insurance for their immediate family members residing in Canada. This will cost more than the international student rate and students should budget accordingly.
  • Using emergency services at the hospital for non-emergency/routine health issues may result in your claim being denied.  Should this happen, you will be solely responsible for paying the hospital, which may be very expensive. In the case of a medical emergency and you do require emergency care at the hospital, please notify Ingle and the IEC as soon as possible, but at least within 48 hours of seeking emergency medical treatment.