Textbook Ordering for Distance Education

To order textbooks and other required resources for your Confederation College courses, please visit the Follett Bookstore Website.

Please check the website frequently, as book and material requirements are still being updated. 


  1. Select Books > Textbooks & Course Materials
  2. Select your Term (i.e. Winter 2016)
  3. Select your Department (enter the 2 character prefix for your course - i.e. SS)
  4. Select your Course (enter the 3 digit number of your course - i.e. 215)
  5. Select Your Code (select the code for your section - i.e. 84. Or you may have to select the CRN: 5 digit course number)

 Completed book orders can be picked up at the College Bookstore, or alternatively they can be shipped to you for a fee.

CAUTION: Textbook requirements are subject to change!
We recommend that students wait until they are officially registered into their program-of-study and have their official timetable, before ordering/purchasing textbooks. In addition, we recommend that students not open text book packages until after their first day of class to verify with their instructors that they have the right book and version required for the course.

If you have questions, you can phone the College Follett Bookstore at (807) 475-6225, or toll free at 1-877-295-3851.


To order textbooks and other required resources for your Online Learning (Ontario Learn) courses, please visit the Online Learning website.

Please note that several semesters may be listed be sure to select the semester appropriate to your studies.