Accessibility - Our Website & Our College

How are we doing with accessibility?

Quick TIP: All modern Internet browsers responds to the convenient keyboard Magnification shortcut, Ctrl +  to INCREASE size, or Ctrl -  to DECREASE size. Then use your "arrow keys" to easily scroll around within the magnified window.
NOTE: These convenient shortcuts work in all modern browsers ... and even in other software programs! (a great tip for faculty use in the classroom to zoom into details on the screen.)

We strive to make our college and our website as widely accessible as possible to our many users.

To this aim, our website:

  1.  prompts our content editors to provide "alt tags" for all images added.
  2. has all its videos hosted by YouTube. YouTube provides auto-generated closed captioning /subtitles for every video. Click the gear icon (bottom right of the video) to access the Settings menu.
    FYI: YouTube also provides automated translations for all videos.
  3. uses web standards established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for dividing presentation from content.

Our Accessibility Statement:

Confederation College is committed to ensuring access to programs, services and employment opportunities for all people, including those with disabilities.  The College understands the critical contribution that people with disabilities make within the College Community, Thunder Bay, northwestern Ontario and throughout the world. We realize that our success hinges on our ability to be accessible for all people.  In order to fully facilitate the participation of people with disabilities we adhere to the following core principles in our policies, procedures and practices:

  • Independence
  • Dignity
  • Equal opportunity
  • Integration