My Student Needs a Note Taker (Accessibility Services)

Note taking is offered as a support service and not a substitute for class attendance. 

Students who require note taking services must register with Student Accessibility Services at the beginning of each semester and have a current Accommodation Plan (AP) in place.

Once note taking services are approved, students are expected to ask fellow classmates to be their note taker. Because some students are not comfortable approaching other students with this request, you may be asked to announce to your class that a note taker is required.

When announcing the need for a Note Taker in the classroom:

  • do not announce the name of student who is in need of a note taker - maintain confidentiality.  Simple state that a Note Taker is required for the course. 
  • direct any student interested in the position to the Academic Success Centre.

A Note Taker, must be able to:

  • write legible well-organized notes from class lectures (we will provide carbonless paper)
  • maintain confidentiality (They must not discuss the Note Takee with students, friends, etc.)
  • attend classes