Test Accommodations (Accessibility Services)

Test accommodations allow students with disabilities the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills during test/exam writing.

It is important to note that accommodations do not modify or change the content of the test.

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I am a student who needs test accommodations

Students who require test accommodations must register with Student Accessibility Services and have an Accommodation Plan (AP) in place.

Your Accommodation Plan (AP) will inform your instructors that you are eligible for test accommodations. This means that you may book and write your tests/exams in SAS.


Booking a Test

No less than 7 DAYS in advance of a test/exam, we ask that you:

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a test cannot be booked with 7 days' notice, please meet with the Accommodation Services Facilitator in SAS.  

Please note: Tests/exams booked through SAS are scheduled at the same time as the class. Students must get approval from their professor prior to booking any test/exam at SAS before or after the scheduled class time.


Taking a Test at Student Accessibility Services

On the day of your test, we ask that you:

  • arrive 10 -15 minutes before the scheduled start time
  • be prepared with pencils, erasers, calculators if allowed, etc. (food and beverages are not allowed in the testing area unless stated on the AP) 
  • be ready to write immediately (use the washroom ahead of time)

During the test, you will be supervised by a proctor. Vigilant supervision will be maintained throughout the test to make it impossible for anyone to doubt your honesty.

We ask that you follow these general rules:

  • The proctor is not permitted to provide information or hints regarding test/exam questions
  • In case of a fire alarm, accompany the proctor outside and stay with the proctor until clearance is given to re-enter the building
  • Set personal belongings away from the testing desk

Evidence of cheating will result in immediate confiscation of test materials and the professor will determine further action.


Test Cancellations (I need to cancel a test)

If you cannot keep a test appointment:

  • Call Student Accessibility Services at 475-6618 or 475-6560 as soon as possible
  • Notify your professor (The professor may request a medical note before allowing you to write the test at a later date.)
  • Make a new test appointment if allowed by the professor