Accessibility Resources for Faculty

We're excited to share some helpful resources designed to make our classrooms welcoming and accessible for all students. We believe in providing every student with the opportunity to succeed, and with these guides, you'll have the tools to make that happen.

What You'll Find

  • Faculty Guide for Supporting Students with Disabilities
    This guide, created by Student Accessibility Services (SAS),  offers insights and practical strategies for faculty to effectively support students with disabilities. It covers the accommodation process, responsibilities of educators, and how to implement specific accommodations, ensuring every student has the opportunity to excel in their studies.
  • Accessibility & Accommodations Toolkit – Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health (CICMH)
    A guide for Confederation College's community to support students with disabilities. It offers insights into creating an inclusive environment by understanding accessibility and accommodations. Developed collaboratively by Ontario's educational experts, this resource is dynamic and encourages feedback for continuous improvement.

We're all about creating a learning environment where everyone feels they belong and can do their best. These resources are here to help you lead the way in making that happen.

Got questions or need a bit more info? Our student support team is here and happy to chat.