I am a student who needs note taking

Students who require note taking assistance must register with Student Accessibility Services and have a current Accommodation Plan (AP) in place. To learn how to register, click the link below.

Accessing Disability Services

If your Accommodation Plan allows for “access to course content,” we ask that you:

  • discuss with your Accessibility Strategist all options of note-taking assistance that may be available to you: peer note taker or classroom recording.
  • complete a Note Takee Application Form with your Accessibility Strategist

If you require a peer note taker:

  • You and your note taker must meet with the Tutoring Officer to review procedures regarding note taking

 Recording lectures:

  • As an accommodation, students may be allowed to record lectures using a digital recorder, laptop, or other device and software. (Glean)
  • The student must sign the Recording Device Policy Agreement before recording any lecture
  • A copy of the signed Recording Device Policy Agreement will be forwarded to instructors.  

To ensure the continuation of Note Taking services, you must:

  • attend classes regularly upon required
  • check your college email regularly for messages from your Accessibility Strategist, the Tutoring Officer and/or the Note taker 
  • complete and submit a new Note Takee Application Form at the start of each semester