How to Register for Distance Education (for Full-Time programs)

All full-time students are required to Web Register. Web Registration is the process of selecting your courses and creating a timetable.

Web Registration Instructions:

To access Web Registration go to

Login Procedure:

Click on "Enter Secure Area"

4)      Log in with “username” and “password”*

5)      Click on “Postsecondary Web Registration”

6)      Follow the on screen instructions to complete your registration and get your schedule**

*Username and Password

Your Username is found on the top right of your offer of admission. It is also the beginning of your Confederation College email address before the @.

Your Password is as follows:


F = First letter of first name CAPITALIZED.
n = First letter of last name lowercase.
x = Last nine digits of your student number. e.g. 100129914

Username and Password are Case Sensitive.

IMPORTANT: Confederation College reserves the right to alter course availability as well as the right to withdraw a student from a course if the student has failed a prerequisite. Review your timetable prior to the start of classes.

Modified Program Registration:

The Purpose:

1. For daytime course registration;

2. Grant permission for a student to study a program part-time;

3. To create an individual learning plan for a student due to personal circumstances or academic standing.

The Process:

Student requests permission in writing to Distance Education ([email protected]) to register into a modified program curriculum.  Registration is approved by the Academic Support Officer or designate (to ensure sufficient resources).    Students are responsible for all fees incurred with modified registration.

Transfer Credits and Recognized Prior Learning  (RPL):

Have you graduated from an accredited postsecondary institution?

Put your previous education to work!  Based on the degree, diploma or certificate you already hold, you may qualify for an automatic exemption from Basic Communications, 1 General Elective or both.   Email [email protected] to see if you qualify.  You will need to provide our Admissions Department with your transcripts indicating you have graduated.

Do you have work experience that relates to your program?

If you have significant and relevant work experience related to your field of study, you may consider applying for Recognized Prior Learning (RPL).


Once registered, students will receive an email outlining: What you need to know for your first day of school!

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