How To Register

How to Web Register for Your Courses (Full-Time Students)

Instructions to Web Register:

  1. Go to:
  2. Log in with “username” and “password”*
  3. Click on “Banner Information System”
  4. Click on “Postsecondary Web Registration”
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your registration and receive your schedule**

*Username and Password

Returning students can use the same username and password you used in the previous semester.

For New Students, your Username is found on the top right of your Acknowledgement/Offer Letter. It is also the beginning of your Confederation College email address before the @.

For new students your password is as follows:

F = First letter of your first name CAPITALIZED.
n = First letter of last name lowercase.
# = Your 14-digit student number. (All student numbers will always start with ‘22663’ and then have your individual student number after that i.e. 100123123)

Example: A student named David Smith with Student ID: 22663100123123, will have a password of Ds22663100123123.

Username and Password are Case Sensitive.


This is an initial schedule showing the courses that you have registered for and are subject to change. If you need to see or print your schedule again, please do not go through the web registration process again to see it. Follow the directions found at “How to View your Timetable or Transcript Online” to view and print your timetable from now on.


What is Registration?

Registration is the act of picking your classes and creating your schedule. This has to be done by every full-time student, every semester. Depending on your program you may have a great deal of choice and flexibility in your schedule or you may have none. At Confederation College, registration is done over the web by signing into our student information system known as Banner.


Who Can Web Register?

Every full-time student who is following the regular flow of courses outlined in the college calendar can web register. If you have met with your coordinator and have an academic plan outside of the normal courses for a given semester you will not be able to web register.  Your Program Coordinator or designate will provide you with modified registration. These courses are approved and entered into the student's timetable by Registration. Students are responsible for all fees incurred with modified registration.


What if I follow the instructions and the system won’t let me register?


For issues within the Post-Secondary Web Registration process please contact Registration Services at (807) 475-6265 or by email at [email protected]

For login issues please contact the computer helpdesk at (807) 475-6488 or by email at [email protected]


I have an academic plan with my coordinator/student success advisor that includes different courses than what I see in web registration. What do I do?

Please contact your Coordinator or Student Success Advisor to complete a Modified Registration Form. Your registration will be processed manually.