SSB Access Instructions (Admissions)

Stay Informed!

We encourage you to view your up-to-date application information for programs at Confederation College.

To view your current information, please log on to the SSB-Confederation College Banner Information System.  Please be aware that applicants will have limited access to the SSB-Banner Information System until they become a registered student. 

Click the link below to get started.

  1. Enter your Confederation College Username (located on the top right corner of your “We Received your Application” Acknowledgement Letter) and your Password.

    The initial password format is as follows:


                F = First letter of first name CAPITALIZED

                n = First letter of last name lowercase

    # = Your 14-digit student number.

    Example: A student named David Smith with Student ID: 22663100123123, will have a password of: Ds22663100123123.

                Please note: Usernames and Passwords are Case Sensitive

  2. Under the “LaunchPad” click on the “Student Resources” folder.  Click on "OCAS”. 
  3. Click Applied Programs and select the application year – 2024 (for fall 2024 and winter 2025 programs) or 2023 (for winter and spring 2024 programs).  You now have access to view missing requirements/documents, program eligibility and offer status.