Activities and Forums (SCWI)

The Regional Planning Team facilitates activities and forums through the Confederation College Campuses for Northwestern Ontario teachers.

Forums provide opportunities for high school and college instructors  to exchange and share resources and information to further expand student’s essential learning skills. The connections built at the forums provides high school teachers with an increased comfort level in recommending college to their students as a viable career pathway.

Activities provide opportunities for high school and elementary students to experience college curriculum through a variety of exciting programs. It is the hope that these experience will assist students in considering college as a viable pathway.


Dual Credit Forum

Objectives of the forum:

  • To provide overview of SCWI accomplishments
  • To review dual credit (college delivered and SWAC) programs presently occurring in Northwestern Ontario
  • To examine dual credit data and refine Smart Goals for RPT 11
  • To discuss/share best practices in regards to delivery of college delivered  dual credits and SWAC programs
  • Liaison between college and high school personnel on an ongoing basis will be one of the goals of the forum

 Date: TBD - location: TBD


Grade 7 & 8 Student Experience

The Regional Planning Team provides opportunities for Northwestern Ontario grade 7-8 students to visit Confederation College. Hands-on, interactive learning experiences engage the young students. Students from the region have the opportunity of staying in the College Residence for an evening (teachers and parent chaperones accompany). College student ambassadors from various program areas are hired to assist with the interactive learning experiences.

Past events: 

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019 - Grade 7 & 8 Campus Take Over Day; Thunder Bay campus

Recent events:

On Campus Grade 7 & 8 Activities 2020-2021 - cancelled due to COVID-19