The Regional Planning Team facilitates activities through the Confederation College Campuses for Northwestern Ontario teachers.

Activities provide opportunities for high school and elementary students to experience college curriculum through a variety of exciting programs. It is the hope that these experiences will assist students in considering college as a viable pathway.


Dual Credit


  • To provide overview of SCWI accomplishments
  • To review dual credit (college delivered and SWAC) programs presently occurring in Northwestern Ontario
  • To examine dual credit data and refine Smart Goals for RPT 11
  • To discuss/share best practices in regards to delivery of college delivered  dual credits and SWAC programs
  • Liaison between college and high school personnel on an ongoing basis will be one of the goals of the forum

Grade 7 & 8 Student Experience

The Regional Planning Team provides opportunities for Northwestern Ontario grade 7-8 students to visit Confederation College. Hands-on, interactive learning experiences engage young students. Students participate in various hands on interactive learning experiences while getting an introduction to the college.


Upcoming Events

Grade 7 & 8 College Take Over
Tuesday, February 28 and Wednesday, March 1, 2024

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

To register or for more information on Dual Credit or any upcoming activities please contact:
Tabitha Zela 
Recruitment Officer - SCWI
[email protected]