Ongoing Support - International Education Centre

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The International Education Centre (IEC) assists students throughout their academic journey - before you arrive, during your studies and as you are about to graduate.  

While studying at the college, the IEC also advocates on your behalf and acts as a liaison with other departments and services to ensure international students have the skills, support and advice they need to succeed in their studies and reach their career goals.

Services offered by IEC:

  • Acts as a liaison and refers international students to relevant departments and services
  • Advocates for international students
  • Arranges mandatory health insurance coverage for international students and Canadian students studying abroad
  • Delivers scholarships to international students
  • Offers immigration and academic advising to international students
  • Organizes cultural and recreational activities during the year
  • Promotes social connections through an active Facebook Page, with international specific information
  • Promotes diversity within the College
  • Provides English language training in our ESL (English as a Second Language)and EAP (English for Academic Purposes) programs
  • Provides international students with an in-depth orientation to Confederation College and Thunder Bay
  • Facilitates on-campus and home-stay accommodation for international students;
  • Serves as a first point of contact for international students for emergencies, issues or concerns

Services available elsewhere, on and off campus:

  • Transcripts (these can be picked up at The Hub)
  • Booking meetings with faculty and instructors
  • Employment help (but we do offer workshops on resume writing and job search)
  • Off-Campus housing (we can direct you to helpful websites)

Please note: Payment plans are not available. Payments are due on the day stated on your LOA or in the academic calendar; payment plans are not available at Confederation.

Our International Student Advisors assist with a broad range of academic and immigration matters that pertain to international students. 

  • Unfortunately, there are some areas that we cannot assist with, and these include:
    • Spousal immigration questions or spousal applications such as work permits.
    • Permanent residency applications.
    • Completion of immigration applications..... but we will show you how to complete them yourself.
    • Calls to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) for students.  Students can easily call themselves at 1-888-242-2100  (have your UCI number and application number ready).
    • Creating travel letters.....but we will show you how to do this yourself.

We also cannot help with US visa applications or visa applications for any other countries.