Getting Started with Online Learning

Step 1 - Choose your course

Use our course catalogue to search for the course or courses you would like to take

Step 2 - Register for your course

While in the course catalogue, click “ADD” on the right hand side of the course dates. Click “Check Out” once all the courses you would like to take have been added and continue to register for the course.

Step 3 - Order textbooks and check your computer software

Textbook information can be found on our textbook webpage. Any required textbooks should be ordered as soon as possible to ensure it arrives close to the course start date. Check our technical requirements page to see if your computer is ready. Any additional or specific computer software requirements are described in the course’s description in the course catalogue.

Step 4 - Review your two welcome emails

Two welcome emails will be sent to registered students at least four weeks prior to the course start date. One welcome email will be sent to the student's personal email address with instructions on how to login to the Confederation College portal to access their Confederation College email. Another welcome email with course start and important information will be sent to a student's Confederation College email address.  It is important that students access their Confederation College email to review the course information email. 

Step 5 - Log into OntarioLearn on the course start date

An email with the OntarioLearn account login instructions will be sent to your Confederation College email address when the OntarioLearn account has been activated. Students will not see their course in the OntarioLearn account before the start date of the course. If you have registered after the start date, you will receive an email when your OntarioLearn account has been activated. If you experience difficulties logging into the course, please contact Online Learning at (807) 473-3888 or [email protected]. Alternatively, you may contact OntarioLearn’s Help Center,

Once you have successfully logged into OntarioLearn, review the information and launch your course.