International Mandatory Ancillary Fees

International Ancillary Fees for 2023-2024

Ancillary Fee


College Service Fee

$591 ($300.5 Sem 1 / $290.5 Sem 2)

Co-op Fee*

$470 p.a. 

Health Plan

$681 p.a. 

Health Record Fee*

$40 p.a.

International Services Fee


International Student Recovery Fee

$375/semester (maximum of $750 p.a.)

Municipal Fee

$75 p.a.​


$228 ($114/semester)
Universal Bus Pass$244 p.a.

*Mandatory fee applicable for certain programs

Description of Fees

VIEW ... a description of the College Service Fee, SUCCI Fee and Universal Bus Pass ...

Health Plan

All international students receive health insurance coverage through Study Insured by Ingle International. For more information about health insurance, please visit the International Student Life webpage for more information on Health Insurance. 

International Services Fee

International students receive support from the International Education Centre prior to and during their studies at Confederation College. This fee includes services including but not limited to: registration, settlement, academic and immigration advising, student support, advocacy and activities. 

International Student Recovery Fee

This is a fee applied to all international students enrolled in a credential program at an Ontario college or university, as per the provincial government's funding structure. 

Municipal Fee

The Municipal Tax Act requires that a municipal tax is charged to all full-time international students in Ontario. These monies are then forwarded to the municipality in which the student is registered.