Continuing Education

Part-time programs and courses 

Confederation College's Continuing Education program offers part-time courses and programs designed to work around your busy schedule. You can choose from classroom or online learning and study during the day, evenings, weekends. Visit our Part-Time Course Catalog to view a list of courses, their descriptions, costs, and schedules.

Part time Programs and Courses

Balancing a busy schedule? Our part-time courses and programs are designed to work around your commitments. Choose from classroom, online or hybrid options to kick start your new career or find professional development opportunities to enhance your skills.

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Micro Credentials

Step into the future with Confederation College's Micro-Credentials. Designed for rapid skill acquisition; our programs are flexible, quick, impactful and focus on specific skills to enhance your pathway to professional advancement.

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Personal Interest

Explore new hobbies or deepen existing passions with Confederation College's Personal Interest courses. Our wide range of topics, from arts to technology, offers flexible learning opportunities online and in-class. It's your chance to learn for the joy of it, connect with others, and grow personally without the pressure of formal education.

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Career Samplers-Summer Camps

Explore potential careers with Confederation College's Career Samplers-Summer Camps. These hands-on camps for youth cover exciting fields like aviation and culinary arts, offering fun, educational summer activities. Discover passions and possible career paths in an engaging setting.

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