Ancillary Fees (Registration Services)

Mandatory Ancillary Fees for 2023-2024

FEE AMOUNT (per term)

Graduation Fee  


Student Records Fee$7.50
Student Employment$13.00
Enhanced Technology Fee$62.50
Student ID Card$1.00
Peer Tutoring$19.00
Writing Supports$2.50
Student Rights Services$5.00
Academic Support - Orientation (Semester 1 only)$10.00
Wellness Centre Membership (Thunder Bay)$66.50
Wellness Centre Capital Improvement (Thunder Bay)$8.00
Health Services (Thunder Bay)$17.50
Student Facilities - Wellness Centre (Thunder Bay)$67.00
Student Facilities (Region/Distance Education)$25.00
Academic Support (Region/Distance Education)$60.00
Alumni Services $7.50
Financial Aid - Awards $2.50

The above fees support services such as the Wellness Centre, on-campus health and medical services, life insurance coverage, information technology, tutorial services, graduation, student records, student employment, Students Rights Services, and Alumni Services. Please note that not all service fees are charged at every campus. You will see those services charged only to a specific campus in brackets. 


Fee DescriptionFee Amount (per term)
SUCCI - Athletics and Recreation$74.00
SUCCI - Mental Health and Academic Support$19.00
SUCCI - Student Association Fee $15.00
SUCCI - CSA & Provincial Advocacy $6.00

The above fees are administered by the Student Union (SUCCI) to provide programs and services to the student body. 

Some of the programs and services provided with these fees include advocacy & representation, Student Leadership opportunities, orientation events and activities, student lounges in all buildings, big screen televisions in all buildings, fax services, varsity athletics, student food bank, campus publications, class/club funding and banking service, bursaries and awards, campus recreation, special events & programming, wellness & diversity programming, It’s About Respect and membership in the College Student Alliance.​


Annual Mandatory Ancillary Fees

Health Plan - Fall Start **$280.00
Health Plan - Winter Start **$235.00
Health Plan - Spring/Summer Start**$185.00
Bus Pass - Fall Start (Thunder Bay) $244.00
Bus Pass - Winter Start (Thunder Bay)$170.00


Health Plan
All full time post-secondary students at Confederation College are enrolled in a Student Health Plan. Students on the plan have the option to choose the plan that works best for you! This fee is billed annually to domestic student accounts. Students also have the option to opt-out of the Student Health Plan if they already have coverage in place.  Students may also choose to opt-in dependents for an additional fee.
**For more information please visit the SUCCI Health Plan page for opt-out, opt-in, flex-plan requirements, and deadline dates.

Universal Bus Pass Fee
All full-time postsecondary students at the Thunder Bay campus have a U-PASS (Universal Bus Pass) integrated into their Student Card. If you are a student who resides outside of the area serviced by Thunder Bay Transit while attending school, you may request to opt-out of the U-Pass and receive a refund, otherwise this fee is mandatory.  This fee is billed annually to student accounts. For more information please visit the SUCCI U-Pass page.​

Additional Mandatory Fees for Some Programs:

  • Co-op Fee $470
  • Health Record Fee $40 (applicable for most Health programs)