Student Clubs & Communities

SUCCI encourages and supports students to form and participate in clubs & communities on campus. Clubs enhance student life by providing: recreation, athletic, fitness, performance, cultural, social and educational opportunities. Funding is available through SUCCI to support clubs. Sanctioned clubs & communities will have space booked for them on campus by SUCCI and may, if needed be provided access to marketing, advertising and event software to support their club. Clubs will have the ability to create events and activities, where communities are simply a place for like-minded students to gather. 


The package outlines the steps to follow in order to create a club or community and we are here to help. Wherever possible, SUCCI will attempt to match clubs with a suitable employee or alumni mentor who shares a common interest with the purpose of the club. Final approval for all clubs & communities will be made by the SUCCI Board of Directors.


Do you have any Hobbies or Interests? Want to Start a Club?

Get involved and take charge! Organize a Club or Community Today! Starting a club on campus has many benefits such as:
• Meeting new people  • Sharing special interests  • Club funding
• Improve student life  • Increase personal skills

  • Clubs are groups who share a common interest but also intend to host events and activities for the wider college community.  Clubs are eligible for funding.  Club events will be posted on SUCCI's monthly event calendar and may qualify to sponsorship or ticket subsidies.
  • Communities are groups who share a common interest, but are simply looking to gather and socialize but not host wider activities.  Communities can recommend ideas to SUCCI's Programming Committee.

Apply To Start A Club or Community Today


SUCCI will not approve or recognize any Clubs or Communities that promote or encourage disrespectful behaviour, discrimination or hate, including special interest groups. All Clubs must adhere to the Confederation College Student Code of Conduct. Certain privileges are extended to clubs who complete a Club Certification Application and become a Certified Club at Confederation College.

The following is a list of benefits and rights to becoming a SUCCI certified club:

  • The right to post within Confederation College building in accordance to the Posting Policy.
  • The right to request funds from SUCCI.  The right to inquire about the use of Confederation College facilities for club events or activities.
  • Assistance with promotion and printing to assist the Club and gather membership and support.
  • The option to place club information on, and the big screen in the Shuniah Student Lounge and other monitors on campus, and on SUCCI’s Social Media Platforms.
  • The option to create displays outside of the Ryan Hall cafeteria or in other Confederation College buildings in order to raise awareness of the club and recruit new members.
  • The opportunity for the improvement of skills such as leadership, team building, and management, which help develop your resume and career.
  • The opportunity to network and socialize with various Confederation College students and members of the college community.

Steps to becoming a certified club or community:

  • It is necessary to complete the club application and return it to the SUCCI office for consideration. At that time a meeting will be arranged with designated SUCCI Staff (General Interest Clubs – Administrator, Social & Wellness Events; Sport Clubs - Administrator, Campus Recreation & Athletics) to complete the process.
  • All clubs require a minimum active membership of students who agree to attend regular gatherings/meetings/practices or events of the club.
  • Membership in the club must be open to any Confederation College student who wishes to join. Scheduled meetings/tryout times must be made public for this purpose.
  • All clubs require a minimum 2 person Executive Committee, with the appropriate SUCCI Administrator providing support.
  • Clubs may be asked to present their club idea to the SUCCI Board of Directors or Campus Recreation Leadership Council for their information and consideration.
  • All clubs are required to submit a year-end report on the activities of the club via email, and a final budget (if necessary) to the SUCCI Administrator for their records.  SUCCI certifies two kinds of clubs: A. Sport and Athletic Clubs (Approved through Campus Recreation Leadership Council) B. General Interest Clubs (Approved through the SUCCI Board of Directors) SUCCI will not grant funds for:
  • Registered charity and non-profit organizations
  • for events unrelated to the club’s purpose
  • events involving alcohol
  • the promotion of a students personal gain
  • classes or programs involved in fundraising for field trips, socials, or graduations or other program specific requirements.
  • Clubs must advertise their meeting dates and times and post notice if the club is not meeting.
  • Clubs may create a Social Media presence but SUCCI's Administrator of Marketing & Communications must be an administrator on the page to monitor activity.
  • Clubs must submit an annual report at the end of the year to SUCCI about the activities undertaken by their club in the past year.
  • SUCCI will consider granting funds to Certified Clubs that may assist them with operations of the club and support its purpose. A budget will be created with the assistance of the designated SUCCI Administrator during the completion of this application process.

Deadline for Club Applications:

SUCCI will consider applications for club certification until the beginning of March in any given academic year.

All clubs will be approved on an as received basis. Clubs requiring funding will be approved and granted funding provided they meet the criteria for certification and funding.

Limited funds are available, applications will be considered on a first come first served basis. In order to be considered on an equal basis submission for funds is required by October 15 (Semester 1) and February 1st (Semester 2).

Classes or programs involved in fundraising for field trips, socials, graduations or academic requirements will not be considered for club funding.

Clubs on Campus​ 


Purpose: To provide a club for all to come and share a common interest in performing arts; use the common interest in performing arts as a way to donate to charity; Club open to all students, staff & alumni
Meetings: Sunday Afternoons and Wednesday Evenings
Room: Shuniah 351 Lecture Theatre
Social Media:
Email: [email protected]



Purpose: To provide an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge in a practical sense, and obtain new skills, through collaborating with like-minded individuals in the implementation of engineering-based projects.
Meetings: Saturday 9:30am - 11:30am Tuesday: 12-3pm

Room: TBA
Social Media:



Purpose: Coding Club is a welcoming community where all students can learn and collaborate on hands-on programming projects like games and apps, or any projects our members are interested in. Develop professional skills. We also provide resources and networking opportunities to help members find jobs and build connections in the tech industry, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity among our members.
Social Media: 



Purpose: To provide meeting, game play and skills building for chess players, learners and enthusiasts.
Meetings: Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30pm
Room: Pride Room Shuniah 226
Register at:






CONFEDERATION COLLEGE MUSLIM COMMUNITY, will create a place where Muslim students from around the word can gather, connect, share community and support each other during their time at the college. 
Meetings: Fridays from 11:30am-3:30pm
Room: Shuniah C240
Learn More at:




CONFEDERATION COLLEGE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY is a welcoming community for students to gather together and have a time of fellowship. Our vision is to serve and encourage students with the Biblical truth, connect students to share their testimonies and thereby being able to relate with each other in their challenges and help each other to find peace, joy and hope
Meetings:  Saturday April 20thMay 18thJune 15thJuly 20th, August 17th from 6:30 - 7:30pm

Room: Shuniah Room 262
Learn More at: TBA