Being A Thunderhawks Athlete



All student-athletes must prioritize their academic studies and commitments first and foremost. Student-Athletes are expected to attend the majority of practices and local matches as well as all OCAA competitions.  Please consider the time commitment when choosing athletics. When selected to a varsity team, a player is expected to travel with the team to the OCAA regional or provincial championships. When necessary, arrangements to be away from class or work should be made well in advance.  

If academic schedules conflict with availability for travel, the Administrator, Campus Recreation & Athletics will attempt to negotiate a resolution with faculty.   All student-athletes will sign a Code of Conduct agreement which governs their participation in athletics on campus.  Students must meet and maintain OCAA and Confederation College eligibility requirements to participate in the Thunderhawks Athletics Program.

Benefits of Being A Thunderhawks Athlete

  • No athletic fee; travel costs; or league fees
  • Student-Athletes receive a free Tbaytel sponsored athletic package
  • Travel & represent Confederation College at local, regional, provincial & national levels of competition
  • Attend a top notch post-secondary institution which embraces Respect, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Build leadership skills & develop college pride
  • Enhance athletic ability and improve physical fitness & mental alertness 
  • Mentorship on & off the field


For More Information Contact:

Susan Tucker - Administrator, Campus Recreation & Athletics
Phone: (807) 475-6481  Email: [email protected]
Visit the SUCCI Office off the Shuniah Student Lounge for more information.