Parking Fees & Instructions (SAFE Campus)


Parking Permit Rates: 2022 / 2023

Lot Colour







 2 Semester


 1 Semester $145.00
 4 week apprentice$ 50.00


6 week apprentice    

$ 75.00


8 week apprentice

$ 100.00


9 week apprentice

$ 115.00


10 week apprentice





Smart Card


20 entry


Day Pass $6.00

To obtain your parking permit:

Our new parking process will require you to apply and pay through the College Portal:

  1. Visit the Confederation College website at
  2. Log into your college portal
  3. Select the parking icon located o the left-hand side 
  4. Select Parking Pass Information 
  5. Choose the type of permit you wish to purchase, provide your vehicle license plate number, and click on the box agreeing to abide by College Parking Regulations. Select the payment option. College staff may choose the option of payroll deduction. Please note: if you have existing parking tickets on your account you will not be able to purchase a parking permit until the outstanding tickets have been paid.  (See instructions below to pay parking tickets.)
  6. Pick up your parking pass at Facilities Services (Shuniah B106)

To pay a parking ticket through Banner:

  1. Click on the parking tab
  2. Select Parking Ticket Information
  3. Select View
  4. Continue with Payment (If ticket(s) are paid within 2 business the reduced fee will reflect on the online payment)
  5. Pick up your parking permit in Facilities Services B106 Shuniah. Please note parking passes are not valid until issued.
  6. For further information about Parking at Confederation College, visit the Parking website at: