Public Safety Assistance.

Campus Security Partners:

  • Dial 922 from College Phones.
  • Call 623-0465 from a private phone, cell phone or public phone.
  • Use one-touch dialing from a corridor Help! Phone.
  • Use one-touch dialing from a Classroom Help! Phone.
  • Use one-touch dialing from the Parking Lot Help! Phone at the south end of green parking lot E.
  • For urgent assistance in barrier-free washrooms, pull the Urgent Assistance Cord.
  • Press an urgent assistance Blue Button, located in corridors across campus when you need immediate assistance and are unable to get to a Help! Phone.

Emergency Planning:                                                                      475-6624

Health + Safety Consulting:                                                           475-6624

Health Services:                                                                               475-6169    

Hazardous Waste Advice:                                                             475-6624

Injury Reporting: during regular business hours                    475-6624

Injury Reporting: after regular business hours                       623-0465

WHMIS + MSDS Advice:                                                                 475-6624


Website:           www.confederationcollege/publicsafety