Locker Types (SAFE Campus)

There are three general types of lockers:

  • Medium lockers (12 in. x 22.5 in.) – Shuniah Building and ACE corridors: suitable for storing a jacket, shoes and books, and a laptop
  • Large lockers (12 in. x 32.5 in.) – Shuniah Building and ACE corridors: ideal for storing a jacket, shoes, books, and a laptop
  • Full lockers (10 in. x 67 in., or 12 in. x 69 in.) – McIntyre Building corridors only: suitable for storing outerwear, boots, and a backpack
  • Lockers in change rooms with electronic access (12 in. x 32.5 in.) – Shuniah Building only: lockers are suitable for storing a jacket, shoes, books, and a laptop; the room is designed as a changing room (designated for specific programs)