Preparing for Service Disruptions (SAFE Campus)

Prepare yourself for electrical service disruptions:

  • Be familiar with safe shutdown practices for your area.
  • Familiarize staff and students in your area with safe shutdown practices.
  • Working in service areas of the college? Carry an emergency flashlight with you. 

Prepare yourself for water service disruptions:

  • Identify which work processes or equipment will be affected by a water service interruption.
  • Identify which operations require water for hand-washing, hygiene or emergency services (i.e. eyewash stations and emergency showers). 

Elevator Emergencies

Call 922, if you witness or experience any of the following:

  • elevator does not level at the floor,
  • doors do not close completely,
  • doors open but the car is not there,
  • the car drops abruptly or stops abruptly, or
  • any other apparent malfunction.