Hold & Secure (SAFE Campus)

The Hold and Secure procedure is initiated when the threat is near, but not inside the building.  It poses no immediate threat to students or staff unless they leave the building.


  • Police activity on the College grounds
  • a crime in progress inside another building, or on the grounds
  • Police searching for an offender in the neighbourhood

If Hold and Secure becomes necessary:

  • return indoors / don’t go outdoors
  • remain inside while Hold and Secure is in place
  • close and lock exterior doors, including overhead doors
  • close windows and window coverings
  • do not call the Switchboard (The Hub), Security, or other College departments or schools for information
  • continue regular indoor routines; keep learners in class until Hold and Secure has been lifted
  • remain in place until advised by public announcement that Hold and Secure has been lifted