Campus Closures Due to Weather Emergencies

Should weather conditions warrant a closure of a campus:

  • a decision to suspend normal operations will be made before 7 AM for daytime classes, and before 4 PM for evening classes.

  • the decision will be communicated on the College's main website, sent by e-mail and text to all students, faculty and staff, and posted to social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook).

  • if the decision is announced before the start of normal work hours:

    • staff normally on duty at the affected locations do not have to report for work, unless they are advised by the College that their services are required, and

    • students living off campus should stay away from the College campus.

  • if the decision is announced after classes have commenced:

    • employees will be released by their immediate supervisors, and

    • students will be dismissed once their faculty have been advised that classes are cancelled and the campus is closed.