Evacuation (SAFE Campus)

Evacuation is used to efficiently move people out of a building in the following circumstances:

  • in the case of fire or smoke,
  • when the fire alarm sounds, and
  • as a a response to some types of bomb threats.

Depending on the type of emergency, the need to evacuate will be communicated in one of the following ways:

  • by a fire alarm sounding, or
  • in person by a Fire Warden, College staff person, Security Guard, or emergency personnel, or
  • by public announcement.

If evacuation becomes necessary:

  • Calmly proceed to the nearest exit.
  • Close, but do not lock doors.
  • Use the stairs: do not use the elevator.
  • Follow the instructions of Fire Wardens, Security Guards, other College staff, and emergency personnel.
  • Quickly move away from the building, but do not run or crowd.
  • If weather is inclement, move to the nearest safe building.
  • Do not re-enter the building until notified in person by emergency personnel, Security Guards, Fire Wardens, or other College staff that it is safe to do so.

HOT TIP:  Fire Wardens are located in all campus buildings. They can be identified by their high visibility yellow-green vests.

Follow the directions of Fire Wardens in leaving the building, waiting outside the building, and re-entering the building.