Fire + Smoke (SAFE Campus)

If you discover a fire or detect smoke:

  • Leave the immediate area of the fire.
  • Warn people in the area to evacuate.
  • If the fire alarm is not sounding, activate the fire alarm by using the nearest pull station.
  • From a safe location, call 922 (from a College phone) or 807-623-0465 (from a cell phone), or direct someone else to call 922 (from a College phone) or 807-623-0465 (from a cell phone). 

HOT TIP:  If you have received fire extinguisher training, and can safely do so, extinguish the fire. Leave the area if you cannot control the fire.

On notification of a fire emergency:

  • Calmly proceed to the nearest exit.
  • Close, but do not lock doors.
  • Use the stairs: do not use the elevator.
  • Follow the instructions of Fire Wardens, Security Guards, other College staff, or emergency personnel.
  • If weather is inclement, move to the nearest safe building.
  • Re-enter the building when notified by emergency, Security Guards, or other College personnel that it is safe to do so.