Preparing for a Lockdown (SAFE Campus)

Preparing for a Lockdown. 

An emergency situation requiring a Lockdown demands a rapid response on the part of all members of the College community.

It is critical that you are familiar with your work and study environment well in advance of the emergency, so that you can respond quickly and confidently.

Some of the features of your environment that you should consider are:

  • Can I lock the door to the room in which I am located without the use of a key (e.g. with a thumb lock, etc.)?
  • If the door does not have a lock, does the door swing outward (i.e. into a hallway) or does it swing into the room?
  • If the door swings inward, what can I use in a room to barricade it?
  • If the door swings outward, what can I do to prevent the door from swinging outward?
  • Is there glass in the door that may need to be covered during a lockdown?
  • Are there windows into the room? If there are windows, can they be covered easily?  If not, will you need to seek other shelter?
  • If I am not in my regular office, classroom or work area, do I know where to find shelter quickly if a Lockdown were announced?

HOT TIP:   If you are in a washroom when a lockdown is  announced, enter a stall; close and lock the door; and conceal your feet so that they are not visible below the stall door (i.e. stand on the seat, or, sit on the seat and lift feet up).