Emergency + Routine Assistance (SAFE Campus)

Life-Threatening and Unknown Medical Emergencies, Call 911:

  • if you call from a College phone, Security will be notified immediately that a 911 call has been made from your location
  • if you call 911 from a cell phone, call Security, or have someone else call Security,  at (807) 623-0465

Why Call 922 in an Emergency?

Except in life-threatening and unknown medical emergencies, we encourage you to call 922 (or 807-623-0465) in any emergency. 

Why do we recommend that?  When you place a 911 call from the College, the 911 Dispatcher can tell that your call is coming from somewhere on our campus (including the main campus or the Aviation Centre), but your phone number and specific building location are not identified.  This can be a problem for external emergency personnel if you need to hang up, or you are disconnected before you can provide that important information.

When you call 922, your emergency becomes our top priority. Campus Security focuses on getting the help you need:

  • gathering & relaying all relevant information about the emergency, including your location, to 911;
  • dispatching internal emergency personnel to your location to help you until external emergency personnel arrive; and
  • meeting & guiding external emergency personnel (i.e. fire, police and ambulance) to the exact location of your emergency.

Routine Assistance

You can use a Classroom Help! Phone or Help! Phone to place calls for routine assistance (e.g. opening a door, etc.) or to make general inquiries (e.g. confirming building hours, etc.).

Use one-touch dialling from a Classroom Help! Phone to access Campus Security, Facilities Services (Work Order Desk), and the Computer Services Helpdesk.

Use one-touch dialing from corridor Help! Phones to access the services listed above, as well as to contact the Health Centre, The (Information) Hub, and SUCCI.