“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” ~ Anton Chekhov

Through collaborative partnerships between our industry partners and communities throughout Northwestern Ontario and beyond, Co-operative Education and Work Placement Services at Confederation College offers the Student real world work-integrated learning opportunities outside our classrooms. These opportunities offer students a structured work experience where they become familiar with the world of work as part of their college education.

For the Employer these types of work-integrated learning opportunities provide a cost-effective way to address short and long-term staffing needs, including vacation time and special projects, while evaluating potential employees for succession planning. Work terms also increase an organization’s profile on campus.

Structured Work Experience

Co-operative Education (Co-op):  Alternating full time study and the opportunity for full-time employment while remaining a student.  In the workplace, there is general exposure to different work settings and progression in work experience.  Co-op Programs are 4 months, full time and occur May to August.

Work Placement: Work Placements are generally unpaid and are scheduled during the final semester of a post-secondary program that offers a Work Placement.  Work Placements provide an excellent opportunity for students to bridge academic skills and theory to continuous learning in the workplace. Successful completion of the Work Placement is the final step towards graduation and professional employment.

 ”Providing a Hire Education”