Co-op & Work Placement Services at Confederation College connects employers locally, regionally and nationally with students for paid work terms (co-op) or unpaid work terms (work placement). We believe that a work term is an effective practice to enhance the educational quality of structured work experiences mutually beneficial for both the employer and the student.

What are the benefits for a student?

The work terms that occur by way of a co-op or work placement extend learning beyond the classroom, allowing students to merge classroom  learning with practical work experience. Students gain valuable, on the job training and skills that have proven to provide an edge in the job market and future career success.

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What are the benefits for an employer?

Hiring a Confederation College Co-op and/or Work Placement student is a great way to recruit from industry specific, post-secondary programs. Work terms deliver a cost-effective way to address short-term staffing needs including vacation time and special projects, while evaluating potential employees for succession planning. Work terms also increase your organization’s profile on campus with students, faculty and applied research opportunities.

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