FAQ's for Work Placement Employers

Employers often have questions about providing Work Placements that meet the learning outcomes required by post-secondary programs, while also benefiting the employer's workplace.  Program Coordinators and SCS staff are available to discuss any questions that might arise by email, phone, or in person throughout the whole of the work term. Below are a couple of common questions.

Are students paid on Work Placements?

Payment for Work Placements is optional. Many Work Placements are unpaid. 

  • In the event of an unpaid Work Placement, the Ministry of Colleges and Universities covers workplace insurance 
  • In the case of a paid Work Placement, the employer is responsible for workplace insurance coverage

How do I advertise for a Work Placement?

  • Determine the qualifications for hiring e.g. required licenses, certificates, immunizations, criminal record checks, etc.
  • Provide a completed Job Description Form to SCS staff for approval
  • The College will post the approved Job Description on the program site, along with a closing date and will collect the student applications
  • The College will provide these applications to the employer and the employer will proceed with their internal hiring procedures

If I have questions before, during or after providing a Work Placement, what should I do?

  • Employers are supported by SCS staff and program coordinators.  Both program coordinators and SCS staff  are available by phone, email or in a face to face meeting to answer questions, provide ideas and information and to assist in finding solutions to assist employers in providing Work Placements.  The goal is to provide a positive and productive Work Placement experience for both the student and the employer.