Employer Responsibilities (Co-op & Work Placement Services)

Employers are responsible for:

  1. Determining the qualifications for hiring e.g. required licenses, certificates, immunizations, criminal record checks, etc.
  2. Providing a completed Job Description form to the SCS staff for approval
  3. Undertaking the recruitment process (screening, interview, selection and offer); the College does not select students on behalf of the employer
  4. Adhering to the Employer Work Term Agreement and applicable College Policies
  5. Providing the student with a “full-time” (minimum 35 hours per week) work for the required number of weeks
  6. Returning the Work/Education Placement Agreement (to ensure WSIB coverage or private accident insurance funded by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities) and the Employer Work Term Agreement before the commencement of the work placement work term
  7. Providing leadership and guidance, along with appropriate student responsibilities throughout the work term, recognizing that this is also a learning experience for the student
  8. Including Health & Safety orientation/training and supervision
  9. Advising Student Career Services of  any occurrences such as,  but not limited to, accident/injury, poor attendance, issues with completing work tasks, etc.
  10. Completing a brief informal Mid-term Progress Report. Evaluations will be supplied by the College
  11. Completing and returning a formal Final Evaluation on the student’s performance. Evaluations will be supplied by the College
  12. Complying with all Provincial and Federal Freedom of Information, Human Rights, and Employment Legislation