Students - Workplace Credentials to Consider

Why would you want to become aware of credentials that are recognized, respected in your field of study, and relevant to the job you want?  Whether they are educational outcomes from your diploma program, work experience outcomes or, various training certifications and licenses you have obtained, I can think of two reasons:

  1. If employers list credentials you know this is a must get, if you don’t already have.  Sometimes this is not obvious on the posting.  Digging a little deeper in your research of the employer could put you in the passing lane with other competitors.
  2. When the recruiter sees that you have credentials relevant to the position they are recruiting for, this will likely keep them reading your resume more carefully.  Place this information strategically on your document.

  • First Aid and CPR Certification offered by St. John’s Ambulance or Canadian Red Cross Two reputable organizations in Thunder Bay ensuring the health, safety and quality of life training to Canadians for many years.   Both offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art first aid and CPR training programs for the workplace, the home and the community.  Beginning Fall, 2017 at Confederation College, URescue, CPR and First Aid Training.  Stay tuned!
  • Working at Heights Certification To help prevent serious injury and fatalities Workplace Safety North provides quality workplace safety courses.  Falls from heights continue to be a significant hazard, leading to injuries and deaths of workers in all sectors particularly with construction activity.
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) WHMIS offers training that is accepted nation-wide. Courses can be taken by anyone in Ontario and if they relocate to another province or territory, their certificates will be honoured.  Each course requires approximately 90 minutes to complete, following which you can print your own certificate. Your certificate is available to re-print any time plus you can re-take any course as a refresher as often as you want.
  • Lockout Tag-out Training Consultants employ a results-based approach, enabling an organization to implement, manage and continually improve its Health and Safety programs.  We work together with our clients to identify, assess and determine safety, health and environmental needs, based on client readiness and capacity.
  • Ontario Workplace Health and Safety This free Occupational health and safety awareness training  offered through the Ministry of Labour, Ontario Workplace Health & Safety Training provides a basic understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), and does not replace any sector specific, hazard specific, or competency specific training.
  • Ontario Drivers Licence Ontario has 15 types of licences. Each licence certifies you to drive a specific type of vehicle. To drive a car, van or small truck, you will need a G class licence.
    All licences come with certain conditions. See Ontario’s full list of licences
  • Bear Aware Training  Bears are not tame, gentle or cuddly; they are unpredictable and potentially dangerous.  Learn how to avoid encounters with bears.  Training available through, Bear In Mind and Lakehead Search and Rescue
  • Confined Spaces This 3-part e-learning course will educate you on confined spaces, the identification and control of hazards that can be encountered, and key steps to working safely.  You may also want to check out your local Workplace Safety North to see if they are currently offering this course.